3 reasons non-profits should use Investglass CRM software

As a non-profit organisation, it is important that you stay on top of your finances and data to make the most of donor contributions. Relying on donations means that the relationship you have with your customers is more important than that between a typical buyer and seller, and is absolutely essential to the success of your organisation.

Utilising Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can support your non-profit organisation in attracting donors, running successful events and marketing campaigns and keeping track of the charity’s finances. In our increasingly digital post-Covid society, CRM is the key to getting your non-profit off the ground and keeping it afloat. So, what exactly can a CRM do for your organisation?

  1. Organise donor profiles

Knowing who your supporters are and how they have engaged with you in the past is essential for attracting further donations to your charity. Investglass CRM software centralises the data of those who have donated, subscribed or volunteered, creating a user-friendly resource for marketing, social media, events and fundraising management teams.

  1. Create targeted marketing campaigns

By collating all of your supporter’s data and interaction history in one place, Investglass CRM allows your organisation to create targeted communications to those likely to donate and interact with your campaigns. Instead of sending blanket email chains out to your subscribers, CRM enables you to create individual communications that target your supporter’s interests whilst remaining efficient and streamlined. This can be as simple as a personalised thank you message after a donation, or a monthly email update featuring updates on campaigns that individuals have interacted with in the past. It is targeted communications like these that are more likely to attract donations and retain supporters.

  1. Manage teams across the organisation

As a non-profit organisation grows it is likely to be made up of a range of different departments. Investglass CRM software is instrumental in streamlining operations across the organisation, allowing you to keep on top of each stage of a marketing campaign, fundraising event or financial process. The software’s pipeline management feature enables you to manage each department, whilst sharing actionable analytics that can be used to generate leads and increase donations. As a result, your non-profit organisation can grow in size and efficiency, allowing you to focus on what matters most to your charity.

Revolutionise your non-profit with Investglass CRM

If you are ready to take your non-profit organisation to the next level, Investglass are here to help. Our CRM for non-profits features all of the tools you need to increase your organisation’s reach and impact. Get in touch today to find out more about Investglass CRM software.

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