Buying A New Car Insurance? All You Need To Know

Indian Comprehensive Car Insurance is innovative. It helps you stay legal and covers car maintenance costs. Car insurance has become customer-friendly. The insurer’s website or app allows car insurance in a few seconds.

Are you looking for vehicle insurance? The below list will help you decide.

Understand Needs

Risk assessment is not your speciality. You can still estimate natural hazards. For instance, is your neighbourhood flood-prone, has there been auto theft recently, and is your daily commute accident-free? Such introspection will help you decide how to buy auto insurance.


You probably considered the car’s brand while buying the four-wheeler, even if you must be brand aware. Insure your vehicle with the brand if you appreciate its promises. Read about four-wheeler insurance before opting for one.

Cover Range

You can get insurance to meet legal requirements or to save money in case of accidents. The second option is usually superior. When you acquire a Comprehensive Plan, you follow the law and get insurance for the policy’s inclusions.


Buy add-on covers. They are modest coverage for a Comprehensive Plan. Each insurance charges different prices for add-ons. Choose those that matter.

Basic Plan

Third-party car insurance is required. Your insurer will aid you if your car injures or damages a third party. Do read about third-party car insurance.

Policy Terms

Car insurance buyers and renewers are more relaxed by responsive websites, welcoming applications, and helpful executives. Before buying insurance or claiming, read the fine print.


Insurance claims can be settled cashlessly. The insurer can pay the garage directly because they have a tie-up, and the garage allows Cashless Claim Settlement.


Compare auto insurance before buying online. It will help if you compare policies with comparable coverage.


The insurance provider may lower the premium if you offer to share the risk of insuring the vehicle. You volunteer to pay a percentage/amount of the claim, and the insurer lowers the premium because its risk liability is reduced.

Claim Settlement

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India discloses insurance companies’ Claim Settlement Ratios. It should not be the main guideline because fraudulent allegations and lack of paperwork can affect the number of settled claims. Also, investigate brand reviews, testimonials, and peer feedback online. #


Anti-theft Devices

Alarms, locks, trackers, and other anti-theft equipment defend the car on two fronts. Anti-theft devices lower theft risk and insurance premiums.

Dealer-provided Insurance

Most vehicle dealers have insurance partnerships. Ask your car dealer about policy coverage—request modifications.


Policy Portability

People connect “portability” with mobile network providers. Portability means seamlessly switching network providers.


Discounts? Excellent! Third-party Plans are not discounted. Only Comprehensive Plan discounts include anti-theft, deductibles, specials, etc. Third-party insurance rates are standardised.

Insurance Online

Online insurance purchases benefit everyone. Pricing, convenience, and services are better than offline. Online insurers need more infrastructure, office space, and personnel than traditional insurers. Learn more about car insurance renewal online.


Low-cost policies need to be improved. The insurer should also have stress-free claims. Why buy a cheap policy if the claim process is too complicated? Online insurers also benefit.

Service Proportion

Insurer services must be customer-friendly. The brand must always prioritise client needs. The insurance should provide excellent customer service during plan purchases, post-purchase inquiries, and claim settlements.


Suppose you’re a big spender, budget for vehicle insurance. You can choose only critical add-ons with a limited budget.

Summing up

Now that you know what to consider in Indian vehicle insurance, choose the finest Plan. Avoid gimmicks. Learn the policy. Customer service is available.

Standard T&C Apply

‘Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.‘


#-  Visit the official website of IRDAI for further details.




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