Environmental Stewardship & Business Growth: Alejandro Pena and Keter Balance Careful Goals

When Alejandro Pena was first brought on board to operate as the CEO of Keter Group, he likely knew he had a lot of work ahead of him. Keter Group was initially founded in Israel more than 75 years ago as a leader in resin-based production for indoor and outdoor products. Finding success as a purveyor of high-quality products at low-low prices, Keter Group would enjoy growth throughout the region for decades.

It wasn’t until 2017 that Keter Group would reach out to someone like Alejandro Pena to help engineer wider and broader growth around the world. The goal wasn’t simply to expand. However, it was also to craft an identity that would mean something to the people who interfaced with their products.

Creating an Identity

You don’t have to work as a detective to know what makes a Starbucks a Starbucks. Walk into any of the international coffee company’s locations, and you will likely experience the same thing. Positive consumer experiences elevate brand consistency, and that is something that Starbucks offers in spades. From the smell of the building to the calming music and personalized touches of your barista, every moment of the Starbucks experience is carefully crafted.

In the same way that Starbucks was able to develop an identity for itself, Alejandro Pena was brought on board to bring an identity to Keter Group. Fortunately, Keter has a long history of work as a steward of the environment, thanks to their continued efforts at embracing green initiatives.

Green initiatives and durability have long been the identity that Keter Group and Pena have chosen to embrace. Pena details the importance of Keter’s sustainable products by pointing out how effective, sustainable, and recyclable their resin-based materials are. From company beds to storage sheds and all-weather furniture, materials are available that make Keter so green.

Pena adds of their green initiatives, “Keter is shaping what’s next for a better day.”

Leading a Global Team

While Alejandro Pena was brought on board as the CEO of an already successful business, his efforts in the international market have been pivotal to the brand’s continued growth. Pena took over operations in 2018 as the CEO and has since led more than 5,000 employees as they’ve carved inroads into the sustainable world, touching upon manufacturing operations and material sourcing and production.

Additionally, Pena and Keter Group have been particularly proud of their efforts in developing Keter Green Spaces, a leading sustainability initiative. These sustainability efforts by Keter Green Spaces are to help communities and individuals learn pro-environmentalism messages while providing connection and education along the way.

Pena said of Keter Green Spaces, “We are a business driven by innovation, but we also live by the values of being good to the environment and our communities.”

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