Five Ways To Get Your High Street Business Noticed

When your business first appears on the high street, it can be somewhat surprising to realise how little recognition it receives. Even in an area with a large footfall, businesses can go unnoticed for long periods of time. This is little to do with the quality of products or services and more to do with the marketing, design, and advertising that takes place within the business itself. Even those well-established brands must still make an effort to get noticed.

To find and earn the attention of your due audience, you must take certain measures and embrace certain practices. Thankfully, these are not always necessarily time-consuming or expensive, meaning that every business has a chance of finding success.

Effective Signage

Signs are a traditional and well-celebrated asset to high street businesses for a reason. Their effectiveness is proven and their adaptability means that small and large businesses can find a way to successfully employ signage of some variety.

Consider your business’ position on the high street and how best to relate its facade to the attention of passersby. Some will require bold signs and high-quality stand offs, whereas others will need to research further and set out A-boards to direct attention to their business.

Colour Coordination

The potential influence of design is great and each business wanting to make their presence on the high street known should consider style and colour. Colours not only have the ability to catch and draw attention but they can present a brand’s message instantly, with various colours being an effective first impression by association.

Move Outside

Is there a way your business can step outside and interact with passersby? Many find that a pop-up event, one that sees staff or representatives take to the streets to talk with passersby, can be greatly effective at improving the attention a business receives, as well as highlighting any current offers on products or services.

Social Media

Building an online presence is important for physical locations too. This is because social media platforms are increasingly being used as search engines. For example, customers are likely to search for businesses in their area using geolocation tools via platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. This means that businesses with a more established presence will not only appear more frequently in local services but will even be automatically recommended to those visiting the area.


Depending on your products and services, there may be a number of ways in which your business can collaborate with other businesses in the area. This can manifest as an aforementioned pop-up event, with businesses featuring their services alongside others and hosting a temporary presence inside each other’s high street space, or even with shared offers and discounts that encourage customers to frequent and become familiar with both brands.

By joining forces with other businesses, those that complement a brand, businesses are able to share their customers and build better recognition on the high street, essentially finding success in tandem.

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