How to improve your business by using Pneumatic Conveying system?

It is possible to move the same material from one location to another utilizing the vacuum driving force with the pneumatic conveyor. Know that there’s not a possibility of contamination since the system is totally sealed.

As per data, pneumatic conveying system can perform a wide range of tasks beyond the essential transport of material between two places, thanks to the system’s remarkable simplicity and versatility.

  • It is a process to eliminate dust from the air
  • Assists in loading and unloading a wide variety of industrial machines or containers
  • Disbursement of dust in numerous locations
  • Several withdrawals at once

Including chemical, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical industries, pneumatic conveyors are the ideal answer to use. They may boost the productivity and efficiency of the automated or semi-automatic machines on which they are put by as much as 30 per cent.

Advantages of using pneumatic conveying system-

To make things go down smoothly, pneumatic powder conveyor systems are more efficient.

  • It is easy to install and connect with other process equipment in a short time.
  • Due to the use of flexible pipes, they take up minimal space and maybe deployed later.
  • Protect against product leakage and contamination, as well as the de-mixing of specific models

Maintaining these systems is a breeze since few moving mechanical elements are vulnerable to wear. Compressed air that has been cleaned and isn’t lubricated helps to keep transportation as efficient as possible.

Improved departmental hygiene and safety-

As a result of extensive consultation with key end customers, the pneumatic conveying system of recent time has been designed to meet various demands.

Selecting a Pneumatic Conveyor or Conveyor Belt-

One should think about a few things when deciding which system is ideal for your material transport requirements. Look examine the two systems in terms of the following criteria:

Contaminant threat-

Extraneous things can enter the product being moved by conveyor belts since they are open systems. All extraneous items are prevented from coming into touch with the product being delivered via pneumatic conveyors, airtight.

Machine upkeep costs money-

In order to keep conveyor belts in good working order, there are several moving mechanical elements. If not regularly monitored and removed, a tiny amount of the material being conveyed slips off the belt, which accumulates and may lead to expensive machine downtime.

It is unnecessary to do routine maintenance on pneumatic conveyors since no moving components are in touch with the product.

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