Short- & Long-Term Effects of Network Downtime in Retail

In today’s day and age, we rely on computers in just about every aspect of our lives without giving it second thought. But what happens when there’s a disruption in the network and what does that mean for retailers? While there can be a wide range of issues causing an interruption or extended downtime, the effects are often the same across retail businesses. Here is a brief look into the potential damage from network disruptions in the retail industry.

During a down period, 61% of retailers are unable to process payments. To make matters worse, 72% report a rise in customer dissatisfaction along with the loss in sales. On average, companies that have experienced at least one downtime in the last year say it took more than an hour to get their system back up and running. With many reporting feeling unprepared for an outage, it’s imperative to put measure in place beforehand to help avoid and alleviate downtime. For brick-and-mortar establishments specifically, one recommendation is to invest in point of sale (POS) software with offline mode capabilities.

For more recommendations on how to combat these issues, check out the resource below!

  The Dangers of Network Downtime from PowerSecure, a Power Distribution Service

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