The Advantages of Cold Heading in Manufacturing

Cold heading, also known as cold forming, is a process that dates to more than 75 years ago. Since then, this manufacturing process has evolved quite considerably. The cold heading process, when used correctly, gives manufactures an avenue to increase production efficiency and a reduction in operating costs. Rather than heating the metal (hot forging) or cutting the metal (traditional machining), cold heading shapes the metal through the application of extreme pressure within a die. Cold Heading is ideal for high production volume and for larger parts, over 2” in diameter.

The advantages of this process compared to traditional machining are plentiful. One of the most important aspects is the virtual elimination of scrap created. Other advantages are the wide range of shapes and sizes that can be formed using this process and the ease and reproducibility of the process. The idea is to help manufacturers obtain more consistent, high-quality parts at a significantly lower price. For more on this, check out the resource below.

Cold Heading Process in Manufacturing from WCS Industries, a manufacturer of cold headed fasteners

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