The Best US stocks (米国株) to Buy in 2021

As the global economy begins to recover, investors are looking into various attractive opportunities in the forex market. For Hedge funders and retail investors alike, we have compiled a list of 5 technology companies that have maintained an impressive growth portfolio, and that would make for great investment opportunities in 2021.

US Stocks (米国株) to Buy in 2021

1. Netflix. inc

Boasting a net worth of $279.65 billion as of October 2021, Netflix is a leading digital streaming platform with hundreds of millions of subscribers across the globe. This company not only operates in more than 50 countries, but it also has one of the highest ratings in terms of user satisfaction.

Netflix has also recorded massive metrics in terms of market capitalization and the fact that you can watch it on any internet-connected device only means that it will expand its reach soon. This streaming platform has also established and maintained a competitive market edge, with current stock prices valued at $632.66 per share.

If you are wondering why Netflix is such a lucrative investment, consider that if you invested $1000 a decade ago, you would have $36,300 in share capital. This company has mushroomed over the years, and experts project further growth as it continues to expand. It is for this reason that Netflix tops the shortlist for US Stocks (米国株) to Buy in 2021.

2. Adobe Inc.

This graphics and software design company has been making waves for some time now as an instrumental feature in desktop publishing. Since 1982, this company revolutionized desktop publishing, becoming one of the largest software companies for creative works.

Adobe has an estimated net worth of $291 billion. This figure is based on the most recent frame analysis as of October 2021. This software company is an exciting prospect because it offers close to 40% ROI (Return on Investment).

Adobe. Inc has also been rolling out several expansion plans over the years, including a primary investment in remote operations. This transition will favor the company’s capital share index. It is another tech company that may prove to be a lucrative investment in the future.

3. Alphabet Inc.

If you judge lucrative investments on the ROI index, then Alphabet Inc should be at the top of your list. What began as a company set to restructure Google by shifting its subsidiaries, Alphabet evolved into a massive multinational company. Ranked 4th in the world on the technology company index, this company consolidated Fiber, CapitalG, X development, and a conglomerate of other top brands.

Increased spending by tech giants such as Apple will facilitate a more substantial revenue stream for Alphabet. Note that this company has a net worth of $1 trillion, and looking at the growth patterns, this is bound to increase in the future.

Of the companies on this list, Alphabet Inc recorded one of the highest return on investment figures-with up to 78% in the last financial year. For investors, this company provides an attractive opportunity to maximize future profits.

4. Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc.

Based on investment returns alone, this company recorded a 947% success rate. This means that as an investor, you will have the confidence of a company with a share capital that consistently performs well on the stock market.

Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc is a company that uses Single Molecule, Real-Time sequencing for accurate and next-level genetic analysis. This technology records various biochemical reactions in real-time using the natural processing powers of enzymes. The science involved here provides insight into the identification and treatment of rare conditions.

Although Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc is worth significantly less than the previous three companies ($5.09billion), it has the most significant contribution to humankind. It is for this reason that it ranks as the best US Stocks (米国株) to Buy.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of options when it comes to finding lucrative US stocks. With a bit of research, you can easily find a company that suits your investment portfolio.

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