Building a Better Business With Kevin Modany: Key Insights and Entrepreneurial Advice

Creating a future as an entrepreneur can be challenging, intimidating, and downright tricky. The field is competitive, and only some people are equipped to deal with the ups and downs of the process.

Kevin Modany is the Managing Director at BlueRock Partners and an expert in Performance Management, Strategic Planning, and Due Diligence. Known for his ability to capture the attention of a room while offering consulting services, Modany took time with the Ideamensch team to share some of the tips and tricks that have helped him find such prolonged success.

Starting the Day Right With Kevin Modany

Kevin Modany is an early rise and someone quick to begin working when the time comes for it. Modany likes to start his day bright and early when most people are still asleep. During these quiet hours, the Managing Director of BlueRock Partners likes to read and respond to important emails and phone calls.

After answering and connecting with essential points of contact, Kevin Modany sets up the rest of his day with a list and an outline for what is to come. Modany said during his interview, “I try to keep my day productive by keeping a steady list of things that I’m working on.”

Throughout the day, Modany takes time to connect with essential meetings while aiming to have them wrapped up by 4:00 p.m. Modany adds that he likes to work out whenever he can to keep him healthy and focused.

Modany says, “I always try to slip in a workout. It’s important; I usually block time off my calendar for exercise.”

Creating Big Ideas as an Entrepreneur

Bringing ideas to life is one of the most challenging aspects of operating as an entrepreneur. Finding and defining a concept for Kevin Modany involves writing or verbalizing a lot until the words come together just right.

Modany says of his process, “I try to get people to understand why it makes sense, usually by pulling in data to support it.”

After he finds an idea that he likes and can verbalize, Modany wants to set up meetings with his team so that they can begin exploring the concepts in earnest. Modany believes this is the most essential part of the idea conjuration phase.

Modany added, “Usually, the main part of bringing an idea to life is getting buy-in from the people that need to execute it.”

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