Keeping Your Clean Bench Safe and Operating Properly

The clean bench or laminar flow cabinet has become an indispensable tool across various industries, providing a sterile workspace through a steady flow of filtered air. Once exclusive to specialized sectors such as research and manufacturing, its use has now permeated aerospace, bioscience, pharmaceuticals, and even food production.

Equipped with a non-ducted air filtration system, these benches ensure a pollutant-free environment for precision work. Their popularity has surged due to numerous advantages: they have a small ecological footprint since they recycle air, they emit no harmful byproducts, and they boast cost-efficiency in both setup and maintenance, typically only needing annual filter changes. Their design allows for straightforward, immediate use, eliminating the need for complex HVAC system installations. Additionally, the benches are portable, compatible with standard electrical outlets, and include safety monitors that adhere to ACGIH standards, making them a practical choice for many operations.

Despite these benefits, there is often a gap in knowledge regarding the maintenance required to keep clean benches in optimal condition and compliant with regulatory standards. For a detailed exploration of the care and upkeep of these pieces of equipment, the infographic provided below by Technical Safety Services should be consulted.

Infographic created by Technical Safety Services

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