How Does Asset Tracking Work?

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Asset tracking is something many businesses can benefit from, and it is a very effective way of increasing productivity and lowering downtime. Quite simply a business, regardless of its size, should be able to identify any important asset in a short amount of time. If we take the example of a large building site, which has multiple tools and pieces of machinery spread out across a large space, these assets should be easily located to increase the speed of construction. In order to do this, asset management and location software is used, and here is how it works.

What Are The Benefits of Asset Tracking?

The most compelling reason why businesses should use asset tracking on its high value items is for security. Should an item be stolen it will be recovered much quicker and the responsible person will be found swiftly. Additionally, there are benefits such as reduced insurance costs and as we have mentioned, the increase in productivity. Having products which you can find at speed ensures that jobs can be started and completed efficiently, without downtime. For the small investment which companies will have to make in asset tracking technology, they will receive so much in return.

The Basics Of Asset Tracking

When it comes to identifying the location of an asset GPS tracking is used, a very simple technology which has been around for decades. This tracker will be placed on the asset which the company wishes to track and then it will be very easy to locate in the event that it is lost or perhaps has been stolen.

Managing Assets

Asset tracking technology works best after a full review of all assets and the creation of a priority list. It is not necessary for a company to invest in trackers for every single one of its assets, but identifying the most important or at risk assets is the best way to approach their management. Knowing what to track is critical in the successful use of this kind of management.

Nuts and Bolts of GPS

GPS technology is a very basic setup which involves satellites which are in constant orbit of the Earth’s atmosphere. A radio wave is sent from a device, up to the satellites, which then triangulates the signal to identify the location of the device. The wave is then sent back down to the same or another device, in this case the software, to identify where the asset is which you are looking for. This is how all of your assets will be easily tracked so that they can be identified.

Asset tracking can be used in an enormous array of settings from grocery stores to construction sites, and the software will provide the exact same amount of benefits to those who do use it. The technology may be relatively simple, but the impact that this tracking has on a business is huge. Easy to install, very simple to operate and highly beneficial, it is no wonder so many companies enjoy using this tech.

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