Keter CEO Alejandro Pena Targets Sustainability Initiatives While Underscoring Corporate Responsibility

Alejandro Pena was taken on by Keter Group to operate as their CEO, guiding the team toward global expansion while retaining a focus on sustainability along the way. Coming from a background in the industry, Pena was quick to tackle the job alongside Managing Director Eddie Johnson.

Alongside Johnson, Alejandro Pena has been pivotal in helping to change the way that Keter Group focuses on outward expansion. Equipped with 24 facilities across 90 countries, Keter has continued to grow by leaps and bounds in the intervening years since the company was first established.

Let’s explore Keter’s work to better understand their sustainability initiatives alongside the efforts of Alejandro Pena.

Innovative Work in the Sustainability Corner

For the longest time, Keter Group had curated and developed its name as a sustainable provider of home and garden lifestyle goods. The use of recyclable and sustainable resin materials would give Keter a leg-up as they offered clients access to great products at even better products, all while underscoring a focus on sustainability.

One of the leading ways by which Pena made a difference in the fight for sustainability is by geolocating their factories to where the products they are manufacturing would be purchased. Pena said, “We actually make our product where the product is consumed.”

To add to the sustainable efforts put in place by prime-located facilities, Pena would go on to say, “We were able to react faster than our competition, and when we saw the end of that cycle, we were also able to react and contract faster than many of our competitors.”

Continued Efforts Driving Consumer Culture

Alejandro Pena continues to guide his company by ESG principles, focusing on efforts at every level, from local to corporate. Backed up by the work of Managing Director Eddie Johnson, Johnson would state, “What Keter has done is implement a standard process cycle to cover sales functions, marketing, and operations and logistics.”

Another way by which Pena seeks to embrace ESG principles is by looking at the way the industry is unfolding as well as its regulatory requirements. Instead of adhering to those requirements, companies like Keter Group instead look for ways to drive business and operations alongside the logistics needed to enable that goal. Along the way, this focus is sure to unlock newer opportunities.

Sustainable Shopping Drives Consumer Activity

The final pillar by which Keter Group operates is the mantra that they are choosing to build in the most sustainable manner possible. The company utilizes renewable energy while reducing exposure to water waste, sanitation waste, and other forms of operative waste.

A continued focus on reducing exposure to non-renewable resources has allowed Keter Group to continually cut their exposure to greenhouse gas emissions, improving energy efficiency along the way. Eddie Johnson said of his team of workers and their mission statement, “The foundation of our business is our employees, regardless of where they are based, and we know that each of them shares our core values of innovation, accountability, agility, entrepreneurship, and respect.”

Learn More About Alejandro Pena

Alejandro Pena is the CEO of Keter Group, a position he has held since joining the company in 2017. Since joining the business, Pena has helped to oversee the expansion of Keter Group’s family-owned business into a worldwide premier provider of consumer products and goods. Alejandro Pena attended the Universidad de los Anges in Bogota, Colombia, where he acquired his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering.

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