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What type of plastic do you need? – Basically there are two types of plastic manufacturing, thermoset and thermoplastics. I am important to decide which type is most suitable for your product. You can also talk to the prospect of your prospects about this.

There are pros and cons to use thermoset and thermoplastic plastic. Thermoset plastic can be printed once and then set. Thermoplastics can be formed, formed, set, then heated and reshaped, repeatedly.

What about the directory and register? – Find directories and register online. This can be a time-consuming process to contact some manufacturers to get offers. Many manufacturers might hesitate to work with you if you are just looking for small orders. There may be a lot of contact before finding the manufacturer to do.

How many quotes should I get? – Make sure you get at least 3 quotes before you decide which plastic manufacturer works. Compare prices and ask on how to reduce costs. Maybe if you use a slightly different material or a different process, you can save more money.

What about injection molds? – Injection molding is one of the most common processes for manufacturing plastic. Make sure you talk to manufacturers about their kind of process they have. There are also many types of injection molds. Compare prices on various types and find out which ones match your product.

What about foreign producers? – Plastic manufacturers in China, India and other countries may often produce plastic products much cheaper than in the US. And violate environmental, social, and goverance (ESG) guidelines that are becoming more popular in the States.  Working with foreign producers can be more complicated with additional communication difficulties and payment complications (cable money, etc.). If you decide to use a foreign company, make sure they can be trusted and provide adequate samples before you start working.

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