Potential Hazards Associated with Outdated Software

The prevalence of outdated software is undeniable. In certain instances, individuals gravitate towards familiar, older tools due to their reliability. Alternatively, the decision to stick with outdated software may be driven by financial considerations, as a complete replacement can be costly and significant updates might result in time and productivity losses as employees adapt to new features.

However, clinging to antiquated technology can introduce new challenges. A case in point is the disruption caused by the cancellation of over 15,000 Southwest Airlines flights in December 2022. The root cause? Outdated scheduling software that struggled to cope with increased demand following a major winter storm. The consequences included frustrated passengers and substantial revenue losses.

The Southwest Airlines incident is just one example of the issues associated with legacy tools. Below are some of the primary risks associated with the use of outdated software:


Infographic created by Black Line IT, an IT company Chicago

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