Pre-conference strategy to connect with participants

This is a difficult job to regulate conferences; It is even more difficult to keep your conference participants involved pre-events. The registrants mostly tend to focus on their event experience; Sentiment varies from pre-conference expectations and propaganda for post-conference and fatigue rejection.

Some modern conference organizers viewed that face-to-face conference was one of the main touch points in a series of touchee points. They are familiar with the concept of participants’ experiences; The seeds were sown before the start of the conference, occurred during the conference and continued to complete the settlement of the event.

The conference organizer did not treat events as a once-time customer experience but the Eco Attachee system met. In this way, the conference did not come to the end. Participants realize that there are more that will come, just around the corner.

Ways to Make Pre-Conference Touch Points

Invest in a reliable conference management solution to streamline many event administration elements. Customer experience with the organizer begins from when prospective participants accepted an invitation to a conference with information about the subsequent registration process of conference and payment management.

Post caring for such activities, it is very important for the organizers to stay connected with their participants and are involved with the event. Here are some tips that will help them achieve their goals:

Pre-conference video

Produce a series of short video broadcasts including save dates, accommodation announcements, main speaker information, etc. Enter several short web clips from the testimonials from the previous year’s participants.

Youtube conference page design

Upload all your pre-conference videos on a special conference page. Encourage registered participants to embed a page link on your blog, website or on their Facebook page or profile.

Blog Conference.

Ask for a conference blog a few months before the start of the event. Calendar design blog posts and update at least several times a week. When you get closer to the date of the event, (eight weeks or less), update more regularly. Combining posts from the main speakers, the views of the conference committee members, maybe even the post from the city mayor. Move a welcome letter from the conference program to a blog, highlights of what to do in the city, etc. It is a smart way to keep things develop smoothly towards the day of the event.

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