Risks To Know For Your Remote Workers

Though it’s clear the remote work stint offered by a majority of organizations throughout the past few gave employees the ability to experience a much healthier work-life balance, there were some challenges associated with this time as well. As far as organizational operations go, these challenges were managerial, hardware risks and data breach risks. Beginning with the managerial challenges, throughout the time spent at home, many managers had to adjust their leadership style. Many managers excel in the workplace environment, being able to engage with their employees face-to-face with only a few steps toward their desk. While at home, however, this isn’t as possible. Adjustments were made, though, as many managers found comfortability leading from home. As far as the hardware risks, these are inherent when allowing employees to leave the office. A minimal laptop blemish is nothing to the potential of stolen hardware, though. Similar to a data breach, organizational data should never be accessible to anyone outside of the organization. Without remote connections, it can be challenging to defend against these cyber-attacks. That said, with solutions like VPNs and up-to-date firewalls, organizations can be better prepared to guard their data. While there are some challenges associated with remote work, the truth is most organizations would benefit from continuing to support it with the right safeguards in place. For more information on those safeguards and how to better protect your organization, continue reading on to the infographic accompanying this post.

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