Digital Declutter & Minimization Guide

Spotting clutter in your physical space is easy—like toys on the floor or dishes in the sink. Just like that, our digital devices gather clutter too, affecting speed and causing stress. Digital clutter, seen in crowded inboxes and overloaded desktops, can be as stressful as physical mess. The good news is, a “digital declutter” can organize your digital space and boost device performance.

By using tools like cloud storage to back up files and free up space, your device’s internal memory remains available to use. External drives also help store old photos, creating a chance to take more photos without a hassle. Deleting unnecessary data, clearing browsing history, and uninstalling unused apps can also speed up your device. Which is why it’s so important to double back and delete any additional mail that has piled up in your inboxes.

To learn more about how you can effectively limit your digital clutter, please see the resource paired alongside this post.

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