Make Restaurant QR Codes for a Safe Dining Experience in 2023

The pandemic was an eye-opener for the entire world. It brought about a real revolution in every industry regarding health and safety. And one of the most impacted industries was the hospitality industry – restaurants, travel & tourism, lodging, recreation, and others.

Of course, they all had to halt their operations, but it was even more challenging to reopen in a “safe” manner. Restaurants, for one, had to make a lot of adjustments and come up with tactics to ensure they were complying with the government rules and regulations.

One of these tactics was to use a QR code generator for restaurants to create a safe dining experience. The trend picked up quickly. And surprisingly, QR codes continue to be in use in several restaurants. But how are they using it now? And how popular are QR codes in restaurants? Let’s find out!

Popularity of QR Codes in Restaurants

A QR code generator for restaurants is easy to use, flexible, and customer-centered. It makes it hassle-free to carry out some of the most critical operations. But before we delve into them, here are a few interesting statistics about QR codes –

  • 52% of US restaurants have adopted QR code menus.
  • Uruguay’s government has made it mandatory for restaurants to have QR codes that display their tax-paying information.
  • 33% of restaurateurs agree that QR Codes have improved their company, according to the most recent Restaurant Readiness Index research.
  • With 2,880,960 scans, the United States has the most QR code use among all nations. This figure is extremely encouraging, given that 75.8 million mobile phone users in the United States scanned a QR code in 2021.

How Can QR Codes Contribute to a Safe Dining Experience

A restaurant QR code can fulfill multiple purposes if used the right way. Here are a few ways you can create a safe dining experience using a QR code generator for restaurants –

QR Code Menu

Physical menus put customers at risk of contracting germs and viruses. Furthermore, if the restaurant is jam-packed, the newer tables will have to wait for the menus, increasing the time to place and prepare an order. A QR code generator for restaurant menus reduces all this hassle.

Customers merely need to hold their phone’s camera up to a QR code, scan it, and then use their phone to peruse the restaurant’s menu. They read a digital version of the menu card, making the procedure contactless and adding an extra degree of protection.

Contactless Payment

Like physical menus, bills also carry the risk of germs. Furthermore, they significantly contribute to paper waste generated in restaurants. A restaurant QR code for payments reduces the tiniest possibility of contact and is the first step towards becoming environment-friendly and sustainable. Furthermore, your customers can quickly scan the codes, access their respective bills, and process the payment online, making the entire billing process quicker, smarter, and more efficient.

Faster Table Turnover

Entertaining as many guests as possible without trying to make any of the guests feel hurried to leave is among the main problems every restaurant faces. Your clients won’t have to wait around for a waiter’s attention by adopting QR code menus. Using QR codes makes placing orders, requesting refills, and even paying bills incredibly simple and convenient. This accelerates the turnover of tables.

Collecting Feedback

By attending to what your guests have to say about the cuisine, service, atmosphere, and other small aspects, you can transform your restaurant from good to exceptional with ease. And because we’re all so accustomed to utilizing our smartphones and are attached to them, why not make use of them?

Filling out physical feedback forms requires contact between restaurant staff and clients. A restaurant QR code reduces this contact. You can use a QR code generator for restaurants to construct a feedback form online and produce a QR code for it. All you customers will have to do is scan it on their smartphones and answer the questions that follow.

Another advantage is that their responses are collected online. And online data is very simple to handle and keep. Also, since the data is available online, you can use tools to evaluate it and identify areas that may be improved.

Wrapping Up

The primary reason to use a QR code generator for restaurants is to reduce contact as much as possible. Furthermore, they are cost-effective and environmentally friendly, helping your restaurant become sustainable. They make it possible to collect and store valuable client information via a safe method. It also improves order efficiency and reduces the chance of error from your end because the customers themselves can place the order. Furthermore, it ensures that the produced bill is error-free so that customers may pay their payment and leave immediately.

You may design customized QR codes for your restaurants using Flowcode’s QR generator. They support analytics and privacy, both of which are advantageous for your organization. With the help of Flowcode, you may permit CRM data collection and commerce. It is one of the best restaurant QR code generators available that can help you level up your business and provide excellent services to your customers!

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